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You have a french OS, all in french, you download SQL Server in French, you start the setup and you face this error :

This SQL Server setup media does not support the language of the OS, or does not have the SQL Server English-language version installation files. Use the matching language-specific SQL Server media; or install both the language specific MUI and change the format and system locales through the regional settings in the control panel.

Don’t panic, you check all your regional settings, your in French (Canada)…. Why it’s not working…..  I don’t know, but change all your regional settings to French (France). Start the setup, install and enjoy.

Put back your regional setting back to french canada after the setup.

Thanks Microsoft,


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If you want to have a workstation with (Linux or Mac) to SSH into a server without a passphrase, this is how you can do it.

On your workstation generate a “key” with ssh-keygen


This will create a id_rsa and id_rsa.pub under your home dir/.ssh

mac : /Users/your_account/.ssh/
linux : /home/your_account/.ssh/

id_rsa : this is your private key, you keep it safe on your machine!!
id_rsa.pub : this is the key you copy to each server you want to authenticate without a password.

Copy the id_rsa.pub to the server, you can use scp for that

scp /Users/your_account/.ssh/id_rsa.pub root@myserver.com:/root/.ssh/id_rsa_youraccount.pub

WARNING : the id_rsa.pub must be copy under the account you want to authenticate on the server. So if normally on your server you log in as root (not recommend), you will copy the id_rsa.pub under the root.

WARNING2 : I strongly suggest you rename the id_rsa.pub on the target for id_rsa_youraccount.pub because a file can already exist and might be overwritten.

Now. The id_rsa_youraccount.pub is on the server.
SSH to the server (yes with your credential, for the last time ;))

You need to import your key into a special file called authorized_keys

with the scp command I copied the file into the root.

cd /root/.ssh/

now import the id_rsa_youraccount.pub into the authorized_keys

cat id_rsa_youraccount.pub >> authorized_keys

Quit your current ssh.

Retry ssh with :

ssh root@myserver.com

No password should be asked.


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1.Power off the NAS.  Then power it back on.

2. Run a ping, as soon as you can SSH back into the NAS, run the command:

#/etc/init.d/services.sh stop

3.  Once service is stopped, you can run: *** or you can delete files in SSH ***

#/etc/init.d/smb.sh start

Once that service starts, you should be able access the shared folders again:

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4.Then once you remove what you need, run:

#/etc/init.d/services.sh start


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You need to move a profiles from one domain to another you can use this great tools

User Profile Wizard 3.8 is the latest version of ForensiT’s powerful workstation migration tool. User Profile Wizard will migrate your current user profile to your new domain account so that you can keep all your existing data and settings.

You can download it from here




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The Acrobat Reader version 9+ are slow to open even a one page PDF with 2 caracters in it. The slowness come from the side bar, (comment bar, highlight and so on).

To improve the loading speed you have the option to turn off those bar, but in some cases it’s not an option.

The way I figure out to speed it up :

Edit,  Preferences

3D & Multimedia

Desable :  Enable Hardware Rendering for Legacy video card

Security (Enhanced)

Disable Enable Protected Mode at StartUp

Close all adobe instance or reboot.