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If you need advance networking with VMware Fusion, the preference menu doesn’t offer a lot of option to modify the default gateway, the subnet mask and so On.

Basically you have to understand some basic information.

By default when you add a new Custom Network, vmware will call it : vmnet2 or 3 or ..

The default gateway created by Fusion for your new network will be : network range and the network address it’s 2. the 1 it’s reserve for the option to connect your Host MAC on the network.

ex : (MAC HOST) (Default Gateway for your custom network).

But for my setup I needed to use the .1 as the default gateway !

Here’s the steps.

VMware Fusion : Preference : Network

Use the + sign to create a new one :

Critical if you want your VM goes on the internet :

  • You need to check : Allow virtual machines on this network to connect to external networks (using NAT)
  • Check the DHCP Subnet IP and specify your network parameters.

Now with this the basic is done. Let’s go to change the default gateway.

Open a text editor (I preferred Text Wrangler).

open the path : /Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet2/nat.conf

WARNING *** vmnet2 or vmnet3 or vmnet4, the name should match the custom created in the previous steps.

In the beginning of the nat.conf file, adjust the default gateway address / netmask as you need.

# NAT gateway address
ip =
netmask =

Save the File.

Close / ReOpen Fusion and test.

FYI : I assumed, you modify your VM Network CARD  to be assigned to your new Custom Network!!!!!

If you did all good you can now ping your gateway address!!


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I have a surprise last day with Videotron Business Internet Link, they block some ports! You need to discuss with several level, because Videotron employees doesn’t seems to have the information or not all of them have the information.

I mean, you can block port on a residential account and I totally agree with that, but a business link, it’s not an option and also there’s no agreement you can sign with them to have those port unblock

This is the port Block and confirmed by a security engineer.

53 : DNS

55 : isi-gl

77 : rje-service-any

135 : DCOM Service Control Manager     buy Lyrica in mexico 139 :

445 : SMB

4444 : MS Blaster worm


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Direct Access it’s a new way to simplify the access to the Corporate Network over the Internet. One of the main feature the connection establish over the 443 port but this required Windows 8 / 8.1 Enterprise offer only under Open Licence Agreement..

According to a lot of website and tutorials the installation of Direct (1 Nic, NAT, behind a firewall, no PKI) was straight forward. But with my deploy, I found pitfall and there’s one MIcrosoft Technet really cover up the Prerequisite.


On my end, the key was to turn on the Firewall on each laptop / server (at least the Direct Access server).

Turn off the ISATAP by running in elevated command prompt.

netsh int ipv6 isatap set state disabled

You should run this, on the DC, the computer and the Direct Access.

The last point is to run on the DC : dnscmd /config /globalqueryblocklist wpad

After this, I was able to successfully connect.

To complete, the wizard and normally the default config (the only thing I suggest you adjust it’s the group (create a dedicated group for DA) and remove the checkbox for the Laptop only) after you should be good to Go.



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I come up with an issue after I converted a Windows 7 64 bits Machine. When I try to boot the VM I got a Blue Screen 0x0000007b

To fix this up :

Boot on the Windows 7 DVD

At the Language Selection, Shift-F10 this will open a command Prompt
Run Regedit.

Load the system hive from the Virtual Machine drive:
File > Load Hive
Choose : c:\Windows\System32\config\system
For the Name type : bugIDE

Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/bugIDE/ControlSet1/Services/
Change the “Start” parameter value for this :

KEY = start Value
Aliide = 3
Amdide =3
Atapi = 0
Cmdide = 3
iaStorV = 3
intelide = 0
msahci = 3
pciide = 3
viaide = 3

File > Unload Hive.
Exit regedit.
Reboot the VM.

I took this procedure from several forum I try to recap, but at the end it works!

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I found Vconverter 5.1 is no longer supporting a P2V conversion of Windows 2000 Server ! So I figure out a way to convert it, some of you might have other idea, but this is how I did it.

I convert it 2 times and I use 2 VM.
I convert from Vmware Converter 4.0.1 to Vmware Workstation Image
VMware workstation image to Vmware Converter 5.0 / VSphere 5.1

In more details

Before Converting :

The latest version I found it’s VMware Converter version 4.0.1 support Windows 2000 Server.
To Download : Log with your vmware account.

Install the Sysprep Tools for Windows 2000 into Vmware Converter :
Download : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb742540.aspx ( The download link it’s before the system requirements)

Extract the Sysprep into the following folder (VConverter VM).
2003 : Path : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\sysprep\2k
2008 : C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\sysprep\2k

On the Windows 2000 Server you need to have SP4 installed and Update Rollup 1
Sp4 : http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=4127
Update Roll Up 1 : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18997

When you are converting from Physical to Virtual, Keep notes of all your Network Configuration.
Stop and Disable all “major” services / apps temporary (Antivirus, SQL Server, Exchange, ….)

You might need to install the Vmware agent manually on the Windows 2000.
Copy the converter from C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\vmware-converter-agent.exe
Install it on the Windows 2000.

When all is install.

Start Vmware Converter :
Convert from your Windows 2000 to a Vmware Workstation image (UNC path).
The Step 3 is the more important :
Keep the number of CPU AS IS
Ensure the Disk Controller is BusLogic SCSI
Do not install Vmware tools
Don’t power off the source

If the conversion failed at 97% with Error Code : FAILED: A general system error occurred: InternalError (Don’t panic now)
Just click on Configure Virtual Machine with VMware converter. This should complete successfully.

The last step is the “easy” one.

Now Open Up Converter 5.0 Converter , convert from your Vmware Workstation image and push it to VSphere 5.1.

After this done.
Configure Vmware Tools
Configure your Networking
Re-enable all “major” services
Cleanup unnecessary software and devices

Backup your VM!

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If you have any issues when a user try to preview or open an attachment in Outlook, the only option it’s right-click save as.

Try this :
Search in the registry for the value : OutlookSecureTempFolder
Normally this should give you a path. (You might need to show hidden file and system file)

Go into that path, delete all the content.

Try Outlook.

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I was searching to send Nagios alert email from a CentOS box. Normally when you setup your sendmail using a smart relay. The default email it’s always :
username@linux_hostname_fqdn. or nagios@nagiossrv.domain.local

to replace the @nagiossrv.domain.local. The only way I figure it out.

I modified the *** modify the hostname to have your domain name

change the cyberblogue.com for your domain name.

Now I modified the Host File.
/etc/hosts cyberblogue.com nagiossrv.cyberblogue.com localhost …..
::1 cyberblogue.com nagiossrv.cyberblogue.com localhost …..

I added my domain first, after my server name.

Restart the server

Test your Nagios notification, this should be now from : nagios@cyberblogue.com (or in your case nagios@yourdomain.com

This should work.