Sage Accpac ERP 300 or ERP 200 – 100 – 500 or Version 6.0 5.6 5.5


If you have a customer and they want to implement SQL replication on a Sage Accpac Database (please check the title for all the possible version, change doesn’t change their product name often :S )

They might received an error the table A4WCHARORDER cannot be added to the replication because it doesn’t have a PK (Primary Key). All the table can be replicated except the A4WCHARORDER.

According to Sage Senior support Team :

Sage 300 generates this table A4WCHARORDER if it doesn’t exist. So this is not important to backup.
To clarify, it is still actively used to “figure how the database collation sort between min and max characters”.

Sage support “One Way” Replication not Both Way….. This is by design…



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