Sage CRM 7.0, 7.1 and Complete Sage Accpac Integration


For freak security users like me 🙂 This is the required open port if you deploy on a Web Server Sage CRM 7.x and a complete Sage Accpac Integration.


Sage CRM=> Default Port 80 and 443, depending on what port you are using for HTTP and HTTPs.
Sage Accpac Web Deploy (Open OE/AR windows from CRM) => Default Port 9000-9180 and can be expanded during web deployment setup. Accpac opens one port per UI opened.

Crystal Web Reporting (Print OE from CRM) => default port 80.

Sage Accpac Portal => whatever HTTP you are using, plus 10015 (server) and 10020 (AJP).


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