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7 thoughts on “VMware – VSphere 5.1 / VConverter 5.0 – P2V windows 2000 Server

  1. Hello,
    I have a confusion in this work around –
    >in the Step – Extract the Sysprep into the following folder (VConverter VM) –
    there you have given two paths for Server 2003 & Server 2008.
    What are these servers ? As we have installed VmWare Converter on Server 2000, and now we have to install Sysprep on this server (Win 2K) only. So why server 2003 or server 2008.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. I just performed a Win2k SP4 P2V using the VMware stand alone converter v4.01 directly to ESXi 5.1 . I just installed Converter v4.01 directly to the Win2k system and ran the converter. I pointed it to the existing VMware ESXi 5.1 Hypervisor and after about an hour it was complete (small system, only about 60 GB, 100 MB NIC)

    The process seemed to work OK. After the conversion I attempted to start the Win2k VM and received an error message regarding disk drive (IDE present but not allowed – not the exact wording of the error) so I simply added a new disk by editing the VM properties. After adding a disk and pointing it to the existing virtual disk, it created a proper SCSI Buslogic Parallel SCSI Controller 0. After deleting the non-functioning IDE controller/disk then the VM started properly. I then added the VMware tools and all seems well.

    My way ended up a whole lot simpler than what you have proposed. Did I miss something important?

    • It’s been a long time I did this migration…. I don’t remember exactly what was my issue when I try to send it to the VMware 5.1 Box directly, but I’m glad it’s been working well for you.

      Thanks for your input.

    • I know this is old but, this helped me HUGE, Tried to send directly to a 5.5 it failed but, found a old 5.1 and went directly, BANG it worked, Awesome and thanks for posting this ! My 2000 server accepted the IDE and is running fine so I left it alone.

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