SageCRM 7.1 FileIT / File e-mail issue Exchange Integration

For those user having issue with File IT / File E-mail (Server not responding).

For now I will need to investigate more closely with Sage, but if you use your External IP and CRM only with the port 443 (SSL). Open up the port 80 was not an option.  The FileIT is not responding even with Outlook 2007 / 2010.

The only way to have this feature working. I needed to edit the registry (use at your own risk)

In the registry :


Update the 3 registry key below (Don’t touch the other one)

HTTPS : Reg_DWORD-> update it to  : 0x00000000

ServeurName : REG_SZ -> your_internal_server_name (Netbios)

Port : Reg_DWORD -> 0x00000050

Close Registry and Outlook, Re-Open Outlook,

You are good to GO.

FYI : You can only do your file e-mail internally or over VPN.



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