Jailbreak iOS 6.x / speed up your iPhone


This is a really nice package and you need to do it carefully, but we try on several devices including iPhone 4s and this is working great.

Go to :


Jailbreak your iPhone.
After go into Cydia Apps
Install the Package Accelerate
When done goto : Settings, Accelerate
Choose your Speed !

Use at your own risk. To be honest if you are not familiar with IT or have basic knowledge in iPhone I will not suggest to try it by yourself. Ask a friend !


iPhone Internal Diagnostic utility

Tested on iOS 4.2 @ 4.3.5

Launch the dial pad and enter:

.. then press Call.

Once in the field test screen you can view a bunch of different internal information and if you click on the Signal bars you will actually see the signal in numerical value. The closest to zero (0) you are the better signal.

To get out simply press the Home button.