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13 thoughts on “Sonicwall Port Forwarding (Wan port different from the Internal Port) Enhanced OS

  1. Hi Guys

    This was correct however it didnt work for me until I added a firewall rule
    From zone WAN to LAN.

    Source = Any
    Destination = WAN Primary IP
    Service = Public TCP port (3387 from example above)

    This threw me off as usually destination is your internal server
    But basically this is to direct traffic to the WAN IP and then the NAT rule takes over from there

  2. The comment from Gary above is correct: You must make sure to specify the External Port in the Firewall Access Rule that the wizard created using the internal port.

    I also agree with Nick Kukich in that Sonicwall’s interface for adding a very simple port forward is quite clunky and slow. This process shouldn’t take that long, home routers make it very easy! This interface makes it **slow** and **more difficult**.

  3. Well home routers aren’t anywhere near as secure or flexible nor are they (typically) capable of multiple LAN/WAN/DMZ segments which is where the need for additional configuration comes into play. When I first started configuring commercial firewalls (Cisco ASA/PIX is just as cumbersome) I couldn’t understand why they felt the need to be so seemingly over-complicated. But now that I’ve spent some years with them, I see why they are like they are now. That being said, in all those years I never thought to use the wizard…duh!

    Anyway, I was using a Sonicwall TZ210 with the following versions:

    Firmware Version: SonicOS Enhanced
    Safemode Version: Safemode
    ROM Version: SonicROM

    And it created the firewall rules automatically. If I followed the instructions above, it worked perfectly. Nice article, thanks a ton!

  4. This is a great resource , there is one minor change that I would make (just so that the uninitiated can get through this)
    If you use the Translated Source “Terminal Services RDP” as suggested in the Nat Policy you will get an “Unknown Service Class” error, this error is caused because the “Terminal Services RDP” service has both TCP and UDP protocols , and the Service we created called “Custom RDP” only has TCP , this mismatch will cause the error . The easiest solution is to use “Terminal Services TCP” instead of “Terminal Services RDP” Hope this helps

  5. Nice article and a good reference.
    If you can help it would suggest against using wizard as it WILL add Services Group no matter what and 1 additional Nat policy that is not needed. Less entries = better performing router 🙂

    Typically I would add:
    1. Service objects (essentially custom ports)
    2. Address objects (your LAN and WAN IPs)
    3. Services (oddly now located under Network section)
    4. add Nat policies

    Any Original Your-Public-IP Your- Private-IP Custom-RDP Remote Desktop 3389 X1 Any

    with option to create Reflexive policy that adds second rule

    Your-Public- Private Your-Public-IP Any Original Any Original Any X1

    5. and finally Open Firewall to your needs but basic is
    WAN > LAN Any Your-Public-IP Custom-RDP Allow

    All the best!

  6. This worked perfectly. Key is to make sure you use your custom port when you use the wizard. Then change the proper NAT policy to use the Terminal Services TCP.

    Many thanks. Saved me hours!

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