Error 404.2 Sage 300, 6.0, 5.6 Accpac Web Deploy


On a client machine if you try to log in for the first time on a Accpac Web Deploy and the installer didn’t come up or freeze your Internet Explorer.

Run Fiddler ( on your workstation and check if you received an Error 404.2, when Internet Explorer try to download smdotnet.exe

If it’s the case.
Goto IIS on your Accpac Web Deploy Server, remove the feature in IIS : CGI, ensure this is not check.

Remove the feature, reboot the server.
Test, this should work.

Sage CRM 7.1 Installation Tips – Avoid creating the database during the install – Tips in a Clustering Install


If you want to install Sage CRM to another Server and skip the creation of the database (if the CRM database already exist and in use in production the Setup will failed and Rollback).

This can be usefull if you want to transfer the CRM to another server or deploy a new CRM install in a Clustering Mode.

From a command prompt (cmd.exe) start the CRM Setup setup.exe with the option nodb

setup.exe nodb

Have Fun deploying several Node !

Service Pack :

“There’s no need for the nodb option for Service packs. Yes service packs might update the metadata, but it doesn’t affect the database if you re-run the same patch more than once. ” From Sage Support Level 3

Sage CRM 7 Fileit issue Return a script error in the Page (Internet Explorer Error)


In Outlook even if it’s 2010, 2007 and you use the Sage CRM Outlook Plug In : File it, you might receive an error look like :


To fix this issue, check the security profile in CRM for the users, in my case my issue was related to the Opportunity Security was set to “No Access”. I set a value of “View” and Magic, the user is able to do the File It.



Sage CRM 7.0, 7.1 and Complete Sage Accpac Integration


For freak security users like me 🙂 This is the required open port if you deploy on a Web Server Sage CRM 7.x and a complete Sage Accpac Integration.


Sage CRM=> Default Port 80 and 443, depending on what port you are using for HTTP and HTTPs.
Sage Accpac Web Deploy (Open OE/AR windows from CRM) => Default Port 9000-9180 and can be expanded during web deployment setup. Accpac opens one port per UI opened.

Crystal Web Reporting (Print OE from CRM) => default port 80.

Sage Accpac Portal => whatever HTTP you are using, plus 10015 (server) and 10020 (AJP).


More information after the break




Sage Accpac ERP 300 or ERP 200 – 100 – 500 or Version 6.0 5.6 5.5


If you have a customer and they want to implement SQL replication on a Sage Accpac Database (please check the title for all the possible version, change doesn’t change their product name often :S )

They might received an error the table A4WCHARORDER cannot be added to the replication because it doesn’t have a PK (Primary Key). All the table can be replicated except the A4WCHARORDER.

According to Sage Senior support Team :

Sage 300 generates this table A4WCHARORDER if it doesn’t exist. So this is not important to backup.
To clarify, it is still actively used to “figure how the database collation sort between min and max characters”.

Sage support “One Way” Replication not Both Way….. This is by design…



Sage CRM 7.0 / 7.1 Http Error 503 Service Unavailable

When you install Sage CRM 7.0 and 7.1 on 2008 R2 or SBS 2011 you might have issue : http error 503 service unavailable.

You will notice the CRM App Pool and the CRMRewriter App pool is stopped.

In the Event log you will have an event id : 2282


The  module DLL ‘C:program filesMicrosoftExchanger ServerV14Binkerbauth.dll’ could not be loaded due to a configuration problem. The current configuration only supports loading images built for a x86 processor architecture.

This might occurred with several DLL.

The kerbauth.dll only work 64 bit.

In the applicationHost.config file for IIS (located in C:WindowsSystem32inetsrvconfig). Stop IIS and edited the file. In the globalModules section, add at the end of the line for kerbauth, and added the precondition=”bitness64” attribute as follows:

<add name=”kerbauth” image=”C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Binkerbauth.dll” preCondition=”bitness64″ />

Those DLL might need the same :

Both were listed in the <isapiFilters> section of the applicationHost.config file:

<filter name=”Exchange OWA Cookie Authentication ISAPI Filter” path=”C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccessowaauthowaauth.dll” enabled=”true” preCondition=”bitness64″ />

<filter name=”Exchange ActiveSync ISAPI Filter” path=”C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccesssyncbinAirFilter.dll” enabled=”true” preCondition=”bitness64″ />

Restart IIS and CRM.


Sage CRM 7.0 C, 7.1 and Classic Outlook 2010 Plug In


If you have any issue with the Classic Outlook 2010 Plug in, including installation or doesn’t display in Outlook 2010.

Ensure you have MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 installed on your computer

Choose your language

Download the first Link :

MSXML.msi                        (5.0 MB)




Sage CRM 6.2, 7.0, 7.1 Error 500 Another solution!


For users having issue with Sage CRM 6.2 and up. You can follow this instruction :


But, I found another issue this issue is related to the UAC control. DISABLE IT and your CRM will work.

to disable UAC :

Start, run, msconfig, Tools Tab, change UAC setting, Launch, Lower the level to the floor, Apply and Reboot the Server.



SageCRM 7.1 FileIT / File e-mail issue Exchange Integration

For those user having issue with File IT / File E-mail (Server not responding).

For now I will need to investigate more closely with Sage, but if you use your External IP and CRM only with the port 443 (SSL). Open up the port 80 was not an option.  The FileIT is not responding even with Outlook 2007 / 2010.

The only way to have this feature working. I needed to edit the registry (use at your own risk)

In the registry :


Update the 3 registry key below (Don’t touch the other one)

HTTPS : Reg_DWORD-> update it to  : 0x00000000

ServeurName : REG_SZ -> your_internal_server_name (Netbios)

Port : Reg_DWORD -> 0x00000050

Close Registry and Outlook, Re-Open Outlook,

You are good to GO.

FYI : You can only do your file e-mail internally or over VPN.



Sage CRM 7.1 and Exchange Integration issue after upgrading from Exchange 2007 to 2010


After a migration from Exchange 2007 to 2010. The Exchange integration was broken with Sage CRM 7.1

After many hours of research, even if you recreate everything from scratch according to the Sage documentation,  *User, Exchange User Rights, WebServices Testing … reinstallation of CRM, manually edit the integration nothing was working.

To have this re-enable properly, Go to :

Administration -> System behavior -> Turn OFF the option : Use exchange Server Integration.

IIS Reset

Administration -> System behavior -> Turn ON the option : Use exchange Server Integration.

Go to your Exchange Integration, reenter your information according to the Sage CRM documentation and your good to go.

Thanks to Sage Technical Support for not knowing this information ! This gave me an headache for couple  of hours.